Cufflinks Are Back in Fashion

A sixteenth century fashion craze is in for a revival as cufflinks are back in fashion and they are trendier as ever. The 800 year old men’s fashion accessory is gaining popularity today as fashion designers again incorporate cufflinks in their designs.

It has been said that the rising acclaim of cufflinks today have started with the allure of the movies. As celebrities’ shows off their set of cufflinks, it added its mystique and charm which ushered the reappearance of cufflinks in modern fashion wear. As we are fully aware of the enormous fad setters celebrities can be, cufflinks may become another worldwide fashion success.

What Are Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are accessories used to fasten together the two sides of a cuff, on men or women’s sleeve. Though cufflinks has been initially worn by men, today’s trends made it necessary for women’s wear also. Cufflinks are normally detached fasteners that are used to give decoration and serves to fasten the cuffs. It is normally worn of special occasions where in formal attire is required, but as today’s fashion evolves, cufflinks are beginning to be used in everyday activities, making it more flexible and appealing.

Cufflinks Are Status Symbols

Cufflinks are deeply imbedded into men’s traditional clothes for almost 800 years. During the 12th and 13th centuries, cufflinks and buttons are purely decorative; men’s clothes are either tightened or set in place by pins, strap or laces. The “Functional button” was not introduced by tailors until the 17th century by highly elite Englishmen. As fashion evolved, cufflinks began to turn into intricate works of art which displays your status symbol. During the renaissance and the lavish courts of French kings, gold cufflinks are common to highly elite individuals, and only men with high status can afford to wear it. Today, even in an age of expression and individuality, cufflinks still have that elegant allure, that men wearing it are seen more polished and stately.

The Modern Look of Cufflinks

Though early fashion, especially in France and in some parts of Europe revolve in displaying lavish decorations and complex adornment. Today’s fashion for men focuses on simplistic yet powerful designs; men who wear corporate attires are seen as power symbols and enhance their status. Though wearing fancy gold cufflinks seems too flashy in our age, the polished silver cufflinks are the best.

Silver cufflinks can fit into any men’s attire and would give the wearer a power symbol which sets him apart from the rest. Men in high echelons will readily wear this status symbol proudly, which will add prestige to their auras. Any man that will wear cufflinks will be wearing a simple fashion accessory that encompasses 800 years of history. Cufflinks are an old conception of beauty and fashion that has endured the test of time.

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